Halloween Kills Review: Minor Spoiler

Halloween Kills Review: Minor Spoiler

After a 3 year wait, the highly anticipated movie Halloween Kills has come out in theatres. The real question is: Was the wait worth it? 


The opening scene picks up where the last movie left off.  Laurie, her daughter Karen, and her granddaughter come together after the closing events of the last movie. I believe this is one of the better Halloween movies of the franchise, because it brings back characters from the original movie, including Tommy, Lindsey, Nurse Marion, and many more. 

There was a scene that didn’t have any deaths or gruesome things that was written badly, and instead of leaving the audience on the edge of their seats and anticipating the next scene, it left the audience laughing. This scene was very repetitive and actually had me starting to agree with some people about ending the series; it was stretched too thin.  

Despite the repetitive nature of certain scenes and characters, the franchise’s main notable feature was kept and used a lot during the film; and that being John Carpenter’s iconic music. It filled the theater with the thrill-seeking atmosphere we’ve all been wanting. 


Although this was probably one of the only movies out of the franchise that didn’t need a big warning about violence, I can say the movie was very enjoyable. I can say that some of the previous movies of the franchise, except Halloween Resurrection, were probably better. This movie had a lot to live up to and if when the last installment of the Halloween franchise comes out it has to come out with a bang.