SCA and Class Officer Applications Available Now

What You Need to Know


The long awaited announcement of SCA and class officer applications was finally released last week. Although most clubs and activities faded away during virtual learning last year, it is a relief that they are making a resurgence in 2021-22. Application can be found on students’ Canvas Dashboard.

The SCA (Student Council Association), according to the Menchville website’s Clubs & Activities page, promotes school spirit and leadership within the student body. They are in charge of everything related to Homecoming, Teacher Appreciation Week, and various fundraising events throughout the year. 

To meet the application requirements, students must be a junior or senior, have at least a 2.5 GPA, two teacher recommendations, and be available for virtual weekly meetings. The president cannot be president of other clubs and must have had previous experience on the SCA executive board. 

For class officer positions, responsibilities vary based on seniority. Members of the freshman and sophomore class board just assist with Homecoming preparations and other class fundraising. Junior board members tackle those tasks with the addition of Ring Dance festivities. Finally, the senior class officers are in charge of homecoming and fundraising while also planning Prom and Senior Breakfast.

To apply for these positions, students need at least a 2.5 GPA and be available to help with their designated activities. They cannot be enrolled in Governor’s School/New Horizons/Early College nor be an officer of another club.

The application window closes Friday, October 8 and voting will be done by students from October 11-13. Ballots will also be found on Canvas. Any questions pertaining to applications or responsibilities of board members can be directed to SCA sponsors, Mrs. Michaelian or Mrs. Jarrett.