A Quiet Place Part II: Spoiler Free Review


After over three years of waiting, fans of the critically acclaimed horror film A Quiet Place finally got the sequel they’d been hoping for. But, was this sequel really worth the wait?

The highly anticipated sequel started off with a bang, with what I consider to be the best scene from either of the two movies. This opening scene shows the day the aliens arrived to Earth and features far more action than any other scene as we see a crowded city react to this sudden alien invasion. Aside from that scene, the movie takes place directly following the events of the first film, which is somewhat comical as the kids in the movie have clearly aged since the first movie’s premiere in 2018. This inconsistency is one of many that can be found in the film. For example, the sounds and level of sounds that the aliens are able to pick up on is never quite made clear. Also, the amount of time the aliens take to attack in this film after locating a sound is much shorter than it is in the first film, often times at the benefit of the protagonists.

Another thing about the film that was a little irritating was the very abrupt ending. It would be one thing if the movie had a definitive ending which could lead into a follow-up, but this movie just kind of ended. And, clocking in at only about 90 minutes excluding credits this movie still could have had about twenty extra minutes to play with without the film becoming too long.

Although I have been critical of this movie in my review, I still did find it enjoyable. The tense and suspenseful moments that made the first movie a surprise hit are still present in this film and the introduction of new characters helped to build onto a previously underdeveloped world.

Overall, I did like this movie. I think the first one was definitely better, but the first one was a lot to live up to. If there is a third installment in the A Quiet Place franchise, I will definitely be there opening day to watch it.