Varsity Basketball Season Starter; Boys

Casidy Stoltz, Editor

Menchville started off their basketball season on Tuesday, December 2nd. The boys and girls varsity teams played rival school, Heritage, at Menchville. The boys played a close game, with intense competition through out.


Some questionable foul calls put the Monarchs in trouble early. With 6 minutes left in the first quester, the Monarchs already had 4 fouls on them. Frustrated, Coach Moore called the Monarch’s first timeout. After this brief break the boys game back ready to play. They showed a stronger defense and more aggressive offense, however at the half the Monarchs were down 26 to 33.


The team started the second half strong, but quickly got into foul trouble again.


Both teams played a physical and overall good game leaving the final score at Menchville 67, Heritage 64. This win was a great start to the season.