What Has The SCA Been Up To? An Interview with President Delaney Younger.

Helaina Ballou, Staff Writer

According to the Menchville Club Webpage, the SCA (Student Council Association) provides learning experiences in leadership and opportunities to practice the citizenship skills necessary for effective participation in our democratic society. In a normal year the SCA “promotes school spirit through activities such as Homecoming, Teacher Appreciation Day, and class officer elections. The SCA works to help the community through activities such as Red Cross Blood Drive, Paws for a Cause, Salvation Army, and the Peninsula Food Bank.”

But this year it has been different for the SCA, since we’re all doing virtual learning we’ve been wondering what activities the SCA will be planning for the school when it’s safe for all of us to get back together again. The Lion’s Roar interviewed SCA President Delaney Younger who provided insight into what the SCA is doing and planning:

What is your job, position, or role in the SCA?

I am the SCA President.

How long have you been in the job, position, or role?

I was a supporting member of the SCA for my first two years at Menchvile, then I became social media director my junior year, and finally, I became President at the start of my senior year.

Describe what you do.

As the SCA President, I help plan and host various Menchville activities and fundraisers such as Spirit Week, Homecoming, and the Polar Plunge.

What is your favorite thing about your job, position, or role?

The best part of my job is seeing everyone at Menchville work together to reach a common goal. For example, planning and decorating for the Homecoming dance.

What made you want to join the SCA?

I joined the SCA so that I could help plan fun, important events for my school. Each year spent in this club has allowed me to achieve this goal alongside incredible peers and sponsors.

Is it fun being in the SCA?

Being in the SCA is a blast. We have hardworking, creative sponsors, who are always embracing new ideas. Some of my best memories at Menchville have come from being in the SCA.

What is the purpose of the SCA?

The purpose of the SCA is to help get the student body involved with events happening within the community. This could be specific to Menchville High School or include events happening all over the Peninsula.

Who are the other officers in the SCA this year?

This year Ada Moses is the Vice President, Ann Chappell Ellington is the Secretary, and Emma Mckinney is the Social Media Director and Volunteer Coordinator.

What does the SCA do during a normal school year?

During a normal school year the SCA works very hard to get the students at Menchville involved in their community. Last year, we raised hundreds of dollars for the Special Olympics by participating in the Polar Plunge in Virginia Beach.

How are things different for you this year?

Due to COVID-19 and a predominantly virtual school year, the SCA has not been able to plan many events. Since we work very hard to bring people together within our community, staying six-feet apart at all times has provided many challenges.

Does the SCA have any plans to sponsor any events this year?

The SCA is doing its best to plan fun, safe events in the future, however, no plans are final due to COVID-19.

How will being on a hybrid schedule help with the work that you do?

Hopefully going hybrid will show us new ways we can try and get people involved at Menchville. I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store with this new schedule.

How are you working with class officers during virtual learning?

My fellow officers and I zoom often with our sponsors to try and stay updated with what is going on at Menchville and to try and create fun, virtual ways for students to interact.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about the SCA this year?

I would like to remind students that the SCA is doing its best and we hope for many new members once we return to school.