Hybrid learners – What to Expect Your First Day Back in School



Furniture in classrooms is spaced according to CDC guidelines.

Nearly 365 days later and we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel. With only one weekend separating students and teachers from a return to Menchville, here are all of the things you need to know:

The night before:  Set your alarm so you don’t miss your ride.  Put your chrome book on the charger. Pack your lunch (if you are not getting a school lunch). You can find the school lunch menu for the month under Quick Links on the MHS home page or here at School Lunch Menus.

Bring a water bottle to school.  Water fountains will be turned off, but there will be two water bottle filling stations – one on the first floor and one on the second floor.

If you are riding the bus, know what time to be at the bus stop.  Menchville classes start at 7:20.  Be on time – after all, it’s only 2 days each week.

Know your in-school days – If your last name starts with A-L, you are at school on Monday and Tuesday.  If your last name starts with M-Z, you are at school on Thursday and Friday. Check your schedule and make sure you know your homeroom class and room number.

Before leaving home:  You used the health screening questionnaire and you are symptom-free.  DO YOU HAVE YOUR MASK?

Do you have your school-issued chrome book and your charging cord?  Your personal devices will no longer work on the MHS BYOD network.  Do you have headphones or earbuds?  Are you an athlete – do you have your practice gear if you are staying after school for practice?

On the bus:  Wear your mask!  Follow all instructions given by your bus driver for social distancing.

Entering the building:  Wear your mask!  If you ride the bus, enter the building as directed by security and your bus driver.  Students who drive or are dropped off will enter the building by the flagpole.   Students will not be able to enter the building before 6:55.

Inside the building:   Wear your mask!  Look for the breakfast kiosks near your entrance and grab breakfast. Say hi and thank-you to the cafeteria staff.   They were up much earlier than you to provide for your nutritional needs.    We know you are going to want to talk and chat with your friends in the hallway.  DON’T.  DON’T.  DON’T!  Go immediately to your homeroom class.  Freshman and new students – fear not – your fellow Monarchs will help you out.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

Inside your classroom:  Wear your mask!   Your classroom has been arranged for social distancing according to the CDC guidelines and you may have an assigned space.  Sit down, get comfortable, and eat your breakfast.  Your teacher will explain their classroom expectations and expectations for the school day.  This will include sanitizing procedures and information on sanitizing stations as well as restroom protocols.  Remember, hybrid instruction is new to everyone.  There will be glitches, snags, and lots to laugh about.  Be calm and ROAR on.

Between classes: Wear your mask!  Social Distance! Hallway movement will be kept at a minimum this semester.  Move quickly from one class to the next, keeping as much space as possible between you and other Monarchs.  Do not stop and have conversations with your friends.  Sorry, but, desperate times require desperate measures. 

Other Movement in the building:  Wear your mask!  You will not be able to leave your classroom without an escort unless it is with a pass to the nurse’s office, a designated restroom, or the office.   CDC guidelines for contact tracing require that each person in the building is where they are supposed to be at all times.  Do not ask to leave your classroom for other reasons.

LUNCH: Wear your mask!  Just kidding.  Of course, you can take off your mask to eat. You will eat lunch in your 4th or 5th-period classroom.   Lunch will be delivered to your classroom.   Your 4th/5th-period teacher will provide you information on placing a lunch order.

 No one will be able to leave the building for lunch.   

STAGGERED DISMISSAL: Wear your mask!  ALL students will remain in their 6th/7th-period class until dismissed over the PA system.  Dismissal will be staggered. Rather than everyone leaving at the same time, small groups will be released via instructions from the MHS administration over the PA system. Again, be patient and wait for your turn.  Dismissal policies may change as the administration evaluates and adjusts procedures after a week or two of observation.  Your 6/7 period teachers will keep you informed.  

You may also need to know:

Freshman and new students:  You will be welcomed to Menchville during an assembly in the auditorium on your first day in the building (either Tuesday or Thursday).  Your homeroom teacher has further instructions for you.

Students will not be assigned lockers this year.

Library books can be requested through the online library catalog and brought to your classroom.  Visit www.menchville.com for instructions on using the library catalog.

There will be emergency drills for fire, tornado, and lock-down as per state law.   These will be announced.

There will be surprises, adjustments, and frustrations as there are with all new situations.  Stay calm, tell your teacher or counselor if you are overwhelmed and need to talk to someone.  Your well-being is their first priority.

District-wide return-to-learn policies and expectations for students can be found on the NNPS Website.