How to Prepare For College Entry Exams


Kalaya Gross

Preparing for college entry exams like the SAT and ACT always seems like a huge a stressful task. Many high school students become overwhelmed as these types of exam set the course of their future education. But, if you look at the exam as an opportunity to learn, this challenge may actually turn into an enjoyable experience. All college entry exams aim to test whether a student is ready to continue their studies at a higher level. However, they are often emotionally and mentally stressful, and understandably so, this test is a rite of passage that determines your future!

But with the right mindset, studying for these tests can offer students a chance to simply sit and read, to fill in any knowledge gaps, and solidify their background of basic concepts. This is a time for deeper thinking, and to focus on learning the tests as much as possible.  With that being said here are some helpful tips for studying these exams so students have a higher chance of passing them.

The first tip is to make a plan, decide on a specific time of day and hours per day you intend to study. Purchase or borrow from your library the practice exam books.  These books contain practice tests which will  give you a feel for what the real tests are like while allowing you to see their strong and weak subjects.

Another important tip is establishing a quiet study space that can be effective for learning. Making sure your in a space free of distractions is important as this increases your chances of actually absorbing the information given.

Students should also make sure that they are getting enough hours of sleep nights before their test. This will boost your memory, increase brain power, and keep you healthy and relaxed. The last tip for students is to schedule your college entry exams in between late junior year and early senior year. Scheduling the test  at these times would be a better option, especially for those who want to apply to colleges using early decision. This can also provide students  with an advantage so the college application process can be smoother and make their senior year less stressful.

Overall, college entry exams aren’t easy but if one takes the proper steps of studying effectively for them they can be prepared and pass the exams with a great score. Hopefully this advice was useful to anyone who needs it, at the very least this should help you know where to start your studies and how to prepare.