Brady vs. Mahomes: The Current GOAT Faces Off With the Future of Football


Tom Brady takes home his 7th ring in the LV Super Bowl while Patrick Mahomes heads to his fiance empty-handed after a devastating performance by the Chiefs. Fans remain, in the after-hours, disappointed in the game that failed to live up to the hype. Many viewers called it a night at the beginning of the fourth quarter with a score of 9 to 31 in favor of the Buccaneers,  the game wrapped up with the same score.

The first quarter started off with the Chiefs winning the coin toss, heads, but deferring until the second half which was notably their first mistake. Tampa Bay Bucs made it clear from the beginning they were not here to fool around; therefore, they played like it was each and every player’s last game which ultimately led them to victory. Gronk and Brady, former New England Patriots, teamed up once again to compete with the Buccaneers to give them the first of four touchdowns of the night. This quarter ended with   Tampa Bay, 7, and Chiefs, 3.

The second quarter threw out flags left and right, continuing like this for the rest of the game, mainly for holding against the Chiefs. Mahomes fans argued that the refs were on Brady’s payroll, taking Brady fans back to 2014 when their quarterback was accused of deflating footballs in order to win the game against the Colts in the American Football Conference (AFC). During this quarter, Tampa Bay raised the score to 21, Gronk with another unexpected touchdown and a pass to Antonio Brown for the final touchdown of the half, while the Chiefs only managed to make a single field goal, bringing their score to 6.

Slips were made by the Chiefs after halftime, the field appearing to be wet from the tarp used to preserve the grass while players made their way to the locker rooms; although, this seemed to ease up within the first five minutes of the third quarter. Mahomes seemed frustrated and in pain as he limped behind his center ready to call the play. Patrick Mahomes, making two acrobatic throws during the game, disappointed in his offense as both plays go incomplete. Heads began to fall on the team that was predicted to win, causing them to go with the safe option on the fourth down to add three points with another field goal. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, added a 29-yard touchdown by  Fournette with a field goal, adding ten points to the twenty-one they already had.

No points were added to either team in the final quarter; however, Mahomes did come close to raising the game but his offense once again failed him. The final score being 31-9, favoring Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the end of the night, Chiefs fans were left unsatisfied, and many took to social media to express their opinions of the ‘unfair game’, while the entire Tampa Bay area takes the win and prepares to celebrate — hopefully respecting covid guidelines.