Two Ways to celebrate the Superbowl safely

The 2021 Superbowl will look very different this weekend. We won’t be able to have our annual Superbowl parties and gatherings. We will be able to still watch the game and we all can still celebrate the Superbowl safely. Here are some ways that people can still celebrate the Superbowl and watch the game with friends and relatives:

  1. Host A Virtual Superbowl Watch Party                                                                                While having any kind of gatherings is considered dangerous and germ spreading, people can still have a virtual party that is considered safe and healthy. Ways that you can make your Superbowl watch party fun and exciting is to have your house decorated with your favorite team’s logo or colors. You can make appetizers or snacks for the people you live with while you’re watching the game and you can share the recipes with your family and friends that you’re watching the Superbowl with. While you’re sharing the recipes, you can start a Superbowl watch party group chat for those who are watching the Superbowl with you. While you’re hosting the Superbowl watch party it would be a good idea to have a schedule ranging from mealtime to doing activities such as virtual games, virtual dance party, and a virtual movie party.
  2. Have an outdoor viewing party or a small gathering                                                            If you still want to have a party or small gathering you can do that safely. The first kind of gathering that you can have is an outdoor gathering. At this outdoor gathering, people have to be six feet apart so there won’t be as many germs being spread. You can also use a projector screen to watch the game safely. People should also wear masks and wash their hands frequently to spread fewer germs. The 2021 Superbowl will look different but it will probably be just as fun and exciting.