Menchville defeats Warwick in Battle of the Brains


courtesy of Kevin Murphy

Menchville Students Shelby Woodard, Jay Richardson, Laura Madler, Karan Singh, Tori Rimes, Brynne Gomez next prepare to compete in the Battle of the Brains competition in January.

On January 8th, our Menchville A-Team went against Warwick High School for a district academic team match. Menchville defeated Warwick with a score of 220-195. Senior Captain Laura Madler led the team with 100 points, senior Karan Singh scored 30 points, senior Jay Richardson with 20 points, and junior Shelby Woodward with 10 points.

The Menchville A-Team is the Peninsula District champion for the year with a 6-1 record, only losing to Grafton High School.

Their next match will be held next Wednesday, January 15. The A-Team will be going to Richmond for their next match and will be playing against Charlottesville High School. After competing with Charlottesville High School, the A-Team will take on Churchland High School and others next Saturday in the 4A East Regional tournament.