December- Holiday Break Fun

For the next two weeks, students will be on holiday break. This large amount of time is known to be used for sleep, relaxation, and celebration of various cultural and religious holidays, along with the brand new year. We asked the Lions Roar staff what their favorite way to spend the sixteen-day break is.

Shayla Shuping, Staff Writer: “I love spending the break by just staying home and using it as a time for relaxation. Holiday break has always been my favorite because I love being able to be with family, celebrating Christmas and New Years, drinking lots of hot cocoa, listening to festive holiday music, and watching re-runs of some of my favorite Christmas movies.”

Jasmine Brown, Staff Writer: “My favorite way to spend holiday break is by cooking with my mother, unless you want to also count sleep.”

Laura Madler, Editor-In-Chief: “I enjoy taking the time off from the school work I’m normally doing and getting to just explore other creative pursuits. A lot of times Ill do needle pointing, my granny crafts, and I’ve been known to crochet whole sweaters or sew a prom dress, because its just a whole chunk of free time that you can use on actually doing things you enjoy and being productive, while also not doing book work for school.”

Amira Lovelace, Staff Writer: “My favorite way to spend holiday break is just taking off of school and not doing anything, and I also like eating a lot of food.”

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer: “My favorite way to spend holiday break is by going to South Carolina and seeing my extended family that I only really get to see during holidays.”

Matthew Swanenburg, Staff Writer: “My favorite thing to do during holiday break is go up to Baltimore to hang out with my family.”