Merry Movies- The Best Christmas Movies to Watch


One of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, How The Grinch Stole Christmas comes in as the number one Christmas movie.

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year. From the timeless tunes we sing to ring in the holidays, to the jolly atmosphere that surrounds the great day, there are so many reasons to get excited for the 25th day in December. Something that helps feed into that jolly atmosphere is all the great Christmas movies. With hundred of Christmas movies to choose from though, it can be hard to make time in the hectic Christmas season to watch some movies. So, if you’re struggling to find time for all those great movies and need help narrowing down the list, you’re in the right place. I polled teachers and students, and compiled a list of what Christmas movies you need to watch this year.

Tier 4

White Christmas(1954): In this romantic, comedic musical starring Bing Crosby, two men on a successful song and dance team fall in love with a singing sister act. When the two men realise their old World War II commander is running out of money as his inn starts to lose business, the two acts must team up to save the inn and make a Christmas miracle.  

Miracle on 34th Street(1947): After a Santa Claus impersonator gets too drunk to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, a man named Kris Kringle takes his place. Kris is such a hit that he begins to work regularly at stores around Manhattan, and eventually he reveals to his coworkers and customers that he really is Santa Claus! Unfortunately, no one believes Kris, so he must go to court and defend his authenticity as Santa Claus.

Love Actually(2008): It’s the hectic days leading up to Christmas in England in this romantic drama. Love Actually follows characters in nine intertwined stories and how they prepare for the holiday season.

Prep and Landing(2009): Wayne is an elf who has been working for Santa Claus for 227 years, and feels his job as an elf is pointless. He’s already fed up with with his job, but his situation gets even worse as he is paired to work with a rookie elf who embraces the holiday spirit. The two of them must go on a mission, and Wayne learns his job really does have a point.

The Snowman(1982): In this animated English film, a boy builds a snowman and it comes to life. This snowman brings the boy to the North Pole, with the goal of introducing him to Santa Claus.

The Family Stone(2005): When Everett Stone wants to take his girlfriend Meredith to meet his parents, she gets nervous due to her outright views and invites her sister to come along. As the visit continues, Meredith starts to show her uptight side and Everett starts to regret his decision. 

Frosty The Snowman(1969): In this classic holiday special, a few students make a snowman together and using magic they bring the snowman to life. The magic they use is the hat of a magician who performed for the student’s earlier that day. The students teach the snowman, who they name Frosty, how to walk and talk, and one of the students takes Frosty to the North Pole so he won’t melt. Meanwhile, the magician chases Frosty and the girl, trying to steal back his magic hat making Frosty just a Snowman.


Tier 3

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town(1970): The origin of Santa Claus is explained in this animated musical, as an old mailman voiced by Fred Astaire tells stories of the childhood of Kris Kringle.

Polar Express(2004): A boy named Billy wants to feel the Christmas spirit, but he lives with a very strict family who won’t let him enjoy the Christmas spirit. On Christmas Eve, that all changes as a mysterious train picks up Billy and a few other lucky kids and takes them to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas(1977): A poor mother otter and her son Emmet each want to get one another a gift for Christmas. Since neither of the otters can afford gifts, they both decide to join the local talent show hoping to win the prize money, but they both plan to do it as a surprise.  

It’s a Wonderful Life(1946): George Bailey is a family man, with a struggling job, who is starting to lose it. As Christmas gets closer, George continues his downward spiral and decides he will kill himself. However, George’s guardian angel comes to him in an attempt to show him all the good he’s done, and how important he is to his family and community.  

A Year Without a Santa Claus(1974): When Santa Claus is too sick to do his job and afraid he’s not as loved as he used to be on Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus sends two elves (Jingle and Jangle) out to show Santa Claus how much he means to people, so she can convince Santa not to take the year off. But, after word spreads that Santa isn’t coming, Mrs. Claus must organize a Christmas miracle in order to convince Santa to deliver presents this year. 

Elf(2008): A boy that was raised as an elf is told that he is really a human who was adopted by the elves in North Pole. After finding out that he is a human, the elf, Buddy, travels to New York to try and meet his parents and bring his version of crazy Christmas spirit. 


Tier 2

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation(1989): The Griswold family is trying to have a nice family Christmas, but it starts to go awry when the extended family decides to come stay.

Home Alone(1990): When a 8 year-old boy Kevin gets left at home during Christmas, a few local burglars decide to try and break in and rob him. So, now the 8 year-old Kevin must figure out a way to protect his home by himself.

 A Christmas Story(1983): Ralphie is a 9 year-old boy who only wants one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB Rifle. While Ralphie asks everyone he can think of for his new gift, he must also avoid his menacing bully. And maybe get his tongue stuck to a pole somewhere along the way.


3rd Place

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer(1964): It’s a very foggy Christmas Eve and Santa isn’t sure if he’ll be able to maneuver the skies without a light guiding his way. Thankfully for Santa Claus, Rudolph has a bright red nose and would be perfect to lead the sleigh. But, he is made fun of by the other reindeers, and no one sees him as good enough to lead. However, Santa is willing to give Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer a shot this Christmas Eve. 


2nd Place

A Charlie Brown Christmas(1965): Charlie Brown decides he is going to direct his school Christmas play after taking Lucy’s advice. For the play, Charlie Brown needs to have a Christmas Tree, and the real tree he picks is not very good. While some people make fun of the tree, the Peanuts gang eventually rallies together around the little tree to spread the Christmas spirit with Charlie Brown.


1st Place

How The Grinch Stole Christmas(1966): The number one Christmas movie, as voted on by Menchville teachers and students, is the animated Grinch film. Everyone down in town of Whoville is excited and ready to celebrate Christmas. One Who, though, is very different from the rest. His name is the Grinch, and his heart is smaller and less kind than that of the typical Who. He doesn’t like anything about Christmas, and decides to steal the gifts and decorations from Whoville. But, when he sees the Whos don’t need gifts to celebrate Christmas, his heart grows and he understands the kindness of Christmas.