October – Meat Alternatives


Laura Madler

Would you eat a bug burger?

An article by CNN.com, suggests that replacing meats with bugs may be the key to saving our planet. The article addresses the pros of switching to bugs as our main food source; including how little water and feed insects need compared to cattle as well as the heath benefits certain bugs like crickets and mealworms offer. We asked the Lion’s Roar staff whether or not they would consider eating bugs if it meant saving the planet.


Laura Madler, Editor in-Chief- “I think that protein is protein, and there are a lot o things we can do to food to make it not taste like what it is. For reference, people eat bologna or spam, and we know that’s a lot more horrifying than a cricket or something, so I’m not to hard pressed about it. I think that if the world came to that and meat wasn’t sustainable, sure I’d miss it, but it’s eat the cricket or starve. It’s not hard.”

Shayla Shuping, Staff Writer- “Personally, I would not eat bugs to save the planet. I wouldn’t make that kind of sacrifice, I’m not that kinda gal. I do care about the planet, but I would not go to that extent to save the planet.”

Jasmine Brown, Staff Writer- “No, I would not consider eating bugs to save the planet. If it really came down to it, I would just stop eating meat. I don’t need a meat substitute.”

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer- “I believe that there are a lot of other substitutes besides bugs that you could incorporate to save the planet and get protein. However, if it was a last resort, depending on the type of bug I would.”

Matthew Swanenburg, Staff Writer- “I don’t know. If I had a life supply of ketchup and chocolate, then why not?”

Amira Lovelace, Staff Writer- If eating bugs was the solution to saving the planet, then I’d do it. However, I would consider eating other meat substitutes, like tofu, before I would completely switch over to an all bug diet.