Menchville defeats Glen Allen in Battle of the Brains


courtesy of Kevin Murphy

Menchville Students Shelby Woodard, Jay Richardson, Laura Madler, Karan Singh, Tori Rimes, Brynne Gomez next prepare to compete in the Battle of the Brains competition in January.

On October 2, Menchville High School’s A-Team took a 115-point lead against Glen Allen High School in the first match for Battle of the Brains, which took place in Richmond. By the end, the A-Team defeated Glen Allen High School 360-245. Senior Captain of the A-Team, Laura Madler, scored a whopping 200 points, followed by senior Karan Singh with 80 points, and senior Jay Richardson with 45 points.

The next taping for Battle of the Brains will be held in January, however you can watch yesterday’s match on Saturday, November 9th on Channel 3 around 11 AM.

How do you feel about your first win and do you believe you can win the next match in January?

“I am very proud of our win; it was very close for every round. In the first one we were down by twenty [points] and we kept getting within 5 points of them. They were all very quick on the buzzers, which is always difficult because even if you know the answer, it’s just a matter of answering off of as little question information as possible before the other team,” said Madler. “I’m very pleased with how we did- I think it was a good match and it’ll be a good one to watch. As far as January goes, I think it really depends on who we play. Because they do this whole thing tournament bracket style, sometimes really easy-to-beat schools move on to the second round, and sometimes you’re put up against really tough schools like Maggie Walker [High School], who has won Battle of the Brains most of the years there has been a Battle of the Brains in existence. Hopefully we get matched up against a good school. We have the knowledge, it just comes down to speed and how awake we are that morning.”