New Teachers Come To Menchville

As many students have noticed, there have been a lot of new faces around Menchville this year. With the new, and largest freshman class it’s like we’re seeing new people everyday. Although it’s hard to keep track of all these faces and names, have you also noticed some new teachers around our building? Thats right, with a new school year comes new teachers, some coming directly from college and others who have had years of experience around the state and even around the country.

Lanelle Campbell
Shayla Shuping

 Lanelle Campbell, English

Where are you from? “I am originally from New York but I moved to New Jersey to become a teacher. I started teaching 10th grade and then I began to teach the 9th grade before moving on to become a yearbook teacher.”

Why did you become a teacher? “I originally worked for Child Protective Services and the job was very difficult so I figured I would be more fit to help children in another way, which led me to become a teacher and help children in the classroom.”

What do you do outside of school? “My two boys take a lot of my time outside of school, but other than taking care of them I enjoy reading, swimming when I get the chance, and I also love watching movies.”


Erika Frazier
Shayla Shuping

Erika Frazier, CTE

Where are you from? “I am originally from Brooklyn, New York.”

Why did you become a teacher? “Well I didn’t actually plan on becoming a teacher. I was an assistant for sports marketing at Hampton University and a friend of mine told me that she knew someone who worked at Menchville that said there was an open position. I applied for the position and now I’m a teacher.”

What do you do outside of school? “I have a little puppy who I enjoy spending time with and I also like to have my family come down and visit me and I also enjoy visiting them.”


Tya Smith
Amira Lovelace

Tya Smith, English

Where are you from? “Everywhere, my dad was in the military so we moved around a lot, but I like to say New York because that is where I went to college.” 

Why did you become a teacher? “I really love fictional characters, words, and helping people understand language.”

What do you do outside of school? “I have a dog that I like taking to the dog park.”


Chase Long
Amira Lovelace

Chase Long, History

Where are you from? “ I am from York County.”

Why did you become a teacher? “I enjoy teaching, working with kids, and history is my passion, and I was very happy to find a job that involved all three.”

What do you do outside of school? “ Well I like to play video games. I also enjoy playing sports, and especially football” 


Abigail Weible
Amira Lovelace

Abigail Weible, Culinary Arts

Where are you from? “I’m from West Virginia.”

What made you become a teacher? “I didn’t decide until my junior year of college I wanted to be a teacher. I think I just really liked culinary. It is a hobby of mine, so being able to help younger people to develop that talent is really important to me. I really like working with teenagers.”

What do you do outside of school? “I like running a lot and I just ran a half marathon. I also like cooking.”