It’s Time For a Summer Job

Many students are looking to fill in those days of summer where boredom takes over and there is nothing to do. Other students are looking to make some extra money to save for things they might buy in the future. A summer job is a great way for students to learn to manage their time and make money. A job will also help instill a good work ethic and the comfortability of being in a workplace environment.

Jobs requiring a CPR certification: babysitter and lifeguard

Jobs that let students interact with people: movie theater host, waiter/host at a restaurant

If you like animals: pet sitter, dog walker, or you can volunteer at an animal shelter

Summertime specific jobs: summer camp counselor, landscaper, or a golf caddy

If students like working with their hands: carpentry, a potter, or even a tailor

Some students may wonder, “How do I meet expectations at the job interview?” the answer is simple.

Presentation: dress appropriately for the interview

Punctuality: being a few minutes early to the interview shows employers you are reliable and responsible

References: references are people who can vouch for your creditability

The Newport News Public Library Digital Teen Space  has great resources to start your search for summer job.