Academic Team

The Academic team is like a trivia team that Menchville has. Mrs. Wenska and Mr. Murphy coach the team. According to Mrs. Wenska “The Academic teams competitions are essentially like Jeopardy.” The team consists of seniors: Chad Biever, Raphael Chontos, Louis Rizzi and Wes Jordan. Juniors: Andrew Collier and Hunter Goodrich. Sophomores: Miles McAllister and Aaron Hodges. And freshmen: Mary Arnold, Cambrie Cooke and Skyler Dewall. The team’s captain is Chad Biever.

The Academic team meets weekly to help prepare the students for the competitions. “They are pretty simple, it is very relaxed, everyone comes in we set up the buzzer system and then we start reading off questions for the remainder of the practice. We take our turns answering them and we keep track of who has answered the most questions and we keep a tally for the entire season.” Chad Biever. The way that these students prepare for the competition outside of the practice sessions is usually involving a lot of reading. “Getting a good nights sleep and eating a healthy breakfast the day before, for the most part. A lot of the studying, on top of going to practice, involves the reading the summaries of novels and poets, mainly overviews of important works.” Said captain Chad Biever.

Some students were driven to join the Academic team because of their thirst of knowledge like, Captain Chad Biever, and there are some who join because of teachers or friends. “Mr. Murphy asked me to join.” Said Skyler Dewall. “Skyler had asked me to join with her.” Said Cambrie Cooke.

There not only questions on novels and poets, there are also questions from geography and all other types of categories. “A southwestern state of this country takes its name from the former Oyo Empire, Port Harcorst is the center of its Petroleum industries which drew criticism following the death of Can Sara Wewa. The Ignu are an ethnic group in the southeastern part of the country, which attempted to succeed and form the nation of Biaphra, along with Nigeria, Camarun and Chad, this nation boarders Lake Chad. For 10 points name this most populas Nation of Africa with such cities as its capital Nibusa and the Port Logos.” Mrs. Wenska. The competitions are like jeopardy in a way but not completely. “Competitions consist of three rounds (4 players per team) the first and third rounds are 15 toss up questions that either team can buzz in and answer. The second round is the team round, with 10 questions to each team.” Said Coach Mrs. Wenska.