Leonela Cabral, Staff Writer

I am late to the driving game. I could have been practicing during my sophomore year as soon as I got my green card, had my license soon after, but here I am in my senior year learning how to drive before the independence of college. Having another drive for me has always been a state of convenience but, I can’t always rely on someone else; I have places to go.

The first day I drove, I was extremely tense, I gripped the steering wheel to the point that my knuckles were white and my palms were sweaty. I felt like I  had run a marathon. The instructor was very patient with me. After my session I had felt as though I did an upper body workout from being strained.

My learning program was just 7 days which doesn’t seem long, but it was a very helpful experience. From the first to the last day, I went  from not even driving on the road to driving on highways.

Driving in the parking lots with my mom I was barely exceeding 10 mph, and now every time the speed limit is 25, I feel like the car is going 5 mph.

Having anxiety on the road is definitely something I need to get over Because that causes me to become a bigger threat to other drivers on the road.

In the end, my instructor was smart and postponed my drivers test till I am ready because my driving is still not passable for the test and would rather me continue practicing.