New Horizons: A Head Start on your Career

New Horizons: A Head Start on your Career

Aiden Crousore, Staff Writer

Everyone has either heard of or knows about New Horizons, but not everyone knows about its different programs, curriculum, and certifications.

New Horizons offers many specialized programs to prepare the developing young adult for real world responsibilities in the job of their choice. These programs can be extremely beneficial in the long run in helping students choose a career to pursue. Students receive safety and industry certifications in the specific field that they are training in.

The New Horizons Career and Technical Center has two locations, one is located right next to Woodside High School, while the other is on Butler Farm Road in Hampton. The programs are open to 11th and 12th graders. Each course is one year minimum, but some are two year programs. Applications were due on March 1 of this year, but students should keep this date in mind for next year.  In order to apply, you must get a program guide from the guidance counselor, choose a course, then fill out the form in the back. Turn that sheet back into the guidance counselor when done. A generalized list of the programs includes: Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Engineering/Manufacturing Technology, Health Sciences, Human Services, Information Technology, and Public Service.

However, there are a few factors to consider when applying for a course. One is the cost of the program. For example, the cosmetology certification could cost close to $300 in student fees and supplies. Factors that are considered for admission are student grades, attendance, and availability of space in the class. 

A few reasons many flock to New Horizons is because the classes are small, with only 142 students from Menchville attending. This makes classes more individualized, meaning students are surrounded by like-minded individuals with the same career interests. Another benefit of enrolling in New Horizons is work-based learning opportunities. These opportunities allow students to get real hands on experience in the field they are studying. This is extremely vital to the learning attribute of any subject especially if it is what students would like to do as a career. “There are many people who have gone to New Horizons and gotten a successful career.” says Italia, who is in the cosmetology program at New Horizons.

Another thing many people do not know is that some of the New Horizons programs give college credit, letting you save  hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on college classes. Some of the courses that offer college credit or career certifications are:  Automotive Tech- offered at the Butler Farm location and gives you 17 TNCC (Thomas Nelson Community College) credits with ASE/AYES certifications;  Cosmetology- offered at both campuses and students receive a State Licensure and NOTCI but no college credit; Computer Programming Applications and Gaming & Advanced Programing- offered only at the Woodside Lane campus, and students receive  18 TNCC college credits and a Java Fundamentals certification.

There are many benefits of going to the New Horizons program and getting certified, including college credit and getting a head start on your career. Don’t overlook the benefits offered to by the New Horizon programs- think about applying!