Operation Kindness

Alondra Rivera, Staff Writer

The Newport News City-Wide SCA came together to organize a week-long event called Operation Kindness Week. This is meant to promote positive school culture through activities that involve voluntary acts of kindness and preventing bullying.

Each city school will have clubs to organize and handle the tasks. Key Club is sponsoring Operation Kindness Week with other clubs such as Acts of Kindness Club, the language honor societies, and the National Honor Society. Starting Monday, February 11, 2019, there will be daily themes throughout the week that encourage participation from students here at Menchville.

Daily Themes:

Monday (02/11) “Matching Monday”- Wear matching clothes with a friend or find someone wearing something similar and compliment them.

Tuesday (02/12) “Tell them Tuesday”- Students have the chance to write positive comments towards teachers, faculty, administrators and other staff on heart-shaped papers that will be distributed to homerooms.

Wednesday (02/13) “White-Out Wednesday”- Sticky notes will be passed out to homerooms for students to write positive notes and these notes will be posted around the school at the end of the day. Students and faculty are also asked to wear white in a stand against bullying.

Thursday (02/14) “Touch of Love Thursday”- Students will come to school and see the sticky notes posted and they are encouraged to take part in positive conversations and acts of kindness. At the end of the day, students from the sponsoring clubs will visit elementary and middle schools to promote kindness.

Friday (02/15) “Friendly Friday”- Students are asked to make one new friend that is not in their grade and are also encouraged to take a picture and use the tag, #friendlyfriday on social media. The heart-shaped notes that were written 2/12, will be distributed to the faculty and staff during homeroom.


This is the week to spread positivity and love to those here at Menchville and maybe even continue after this week is over.  It is never a bad thing to stand up against bullying and to give someone a simple compliment that maybe will make their day.