Menchville Science Fair


Sandy Graham

Menchville Science Fair winners will proceed to the All-City Science Fair on January 26th.

The Menchville Science Fair has concluded and winners from each category were chosen. The following students placed in their categories:


Animal Science

Emily Hackett – 2nd place


Behavioral and Social Science

Emae Klompenhouwer – 1st place

Dakota Overman and Jenna Oest – 2nd place

LaNaya Scott – 2nd place

Elizabeth Ellis – 3rd place

Dwight Beane, Amaya Dean, and Jael Rollocks – Honorable Mention



Natalie Sun and Leanna Jones – 3rd place



Dylan Anderson – 2nd place

Harleigh Hyatt and Madison Webb – 3rd place

Carlie Stewart and Kelsi Halpin – Honorable Mention


Engineering: Materials

Michael Garrett – 1st place

Sydney Balus, Carsyn Sgambelluri, and Ally Paxton – 2nd place

Julia Cook and Chloe Walseth – 2nd place

Landon Shaw and Bobby Wharton – Honorable Mention


Medicine and Health

Ariel Rylander – 2nd place



Caitlyn Davis, Joshua Lawrence, and Antonio McClees – 1st place

Josephine Hartigan – 3rd place

McKenna Griffin and Rachel Smith – Honorable Mention


Plant Science

Abigail Rose and Ashley Morgan – 1st place

Ian Calton and Alyssa Hughes – 3rd place

Ashton Briggs – 3rd place


Engineering Design Project

Ian Nelson – 1st place


Winners will proceed to the All-City Science Fair at Heritage High School on January 26.