Outdoor Adventure Club Seeks Excitement in Nature


The Outdoor Science Adventure club started 4 years ago. According to Mr. Gulick (club sponsor) this Club is very beneficial to students because, “It allows students to get together outside of school and the outdoors and help foster an appreciation for nature.” Members of Outdoor Science Adventure club put their focus on adventures that include things like Skiing, Caving and Zip-Lining.
They travel many places together such as Western Virginia for skiing trips and mountain climbing. They’re currently preparing for a Zip-Line rope course, which will be held in November. Although, Mr. Gulick is the sponsor of the club his favorite high school subject was not science, he actually enjoyed history due to his “cool teacher”!

The club meets either Tuesday or Thursday in Room 213 after school.  Listen for scheduled meetings on the morning announcements.

Autsin Freeman participates in the 2013 Ropes Course
Autsin Freeman participates in the 2013 Ropes Course