Lead2Feed presents banner at STAND Night

Members of Lead2Feed presented their anti-bullying banner at half-time of the Menchville-Denbigh football game on Tuesday, October 30th, also known as STAND Night. Lead2Feed advisor Pete Mercier said “The group has been working hard for the past couple weeks to capture their image of the theme “Stand” and they were eager to show off their work at the game.”

STAND Night, which occurred at Todd Stadium at 7 pm during the Menchville-Denbigh football game, is an event highlighting Newport News Public Schools’ theme of “standing” together against bullying. Faculty and students from every school in Newport News created a banner reflecting this theme and presented them with a march around the field at half-time of the game. Students, faculty, and families were also encouraged to wear blue to represent bullying awareness and prevention.

Coverage of STAND Night will be shown on Channel 3 News and Channel 13 News.