Your Voice, Your Vote

Campaign posters are displayed along the Menchville hallway by the office.

Shelby Woodard, Staff Writer

It’s election season at Menchville High School again! SCA and Class elections will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22, and Wednesday, May 23 during English classes.  Here’s a list of who is running for office this year as well as statements from the Choloe Lascara and Ben Long – the candidates for SCA President.


President: Chloe Lascara and Ben Long

Vice President: Bobby Wharton and Morgan Merritt

Secretary: Evan Isham and Makalah Rhodes

Public Relations Coordinator: Haley Lee, Delaney Willis, and Shelby Woodward

Historian: Cole Younger

Social Media Director: Katelyn Elliott

Statements from the presidential candidates:

Chloe Lascara- “I’m running for SCA President because, as a returning SCA Officer, I want to make the 2018-2019 school year one to remember; by planning the best homecoming week, making more opportunities of volunteering, in addition to the polar plunge and the dog walk, as well as attempting to make a second spirit week for basketball season following a winter formal, and also possibly bringing powder-puff [football] back to Menchville. If I am elected president I hope to express the values of Menchville and what makes our school unique. I also want to increase the numbers of student involvement. Voting for me will not only ensure an exciting spirit week, pep rally, homecoming game and dance, but also an exciting school year. I’m the perfect candidate because I will make sure students that are not involved in SCA can still have a say in homecoming week decisions, like spirit week days, with a survey from different classes.”

Ben Long- “Ever since I began extracurriculars at this school, SCA has been the one that brought me the most joy. Running for this election has been a true excitement, and I believe I am the right man for the job. Out of all my ideas that I have, I feel an obligation to personally seek out the concerns our students have for upcoming school events. When I was sophomore class president, I loved going up to each of my classmates and seeing what they wanted on our float, then somehow incorporating into the parade. Throughout my three years here at Menchville, I have learned that having good ideas is beneficial, however having leadership qualities is what makes a good SCA president. If I am elected, I will devote as much time as possible in the pursuit of bringing everyone’s ideas to light. Vote Ben Long!”

Senior Class

President: Tyla Sawyer, Naquoia Meister, and Aliyah Alexander

Vice President: Nicole Bell and Leah Riley

Secretary: Kaylie Manglicmot

Social Media Director: Courtney Ciotta

Historian: Lexi Stiffler and Amber Tilley

Junior Class

President: Lauren Satchell and Merieme Niang

Vice President: Nathaniel A. Jones

Secretary: Sophie Rossi

Social Media Director: Jessica Eanes and Mary Fran Crain

Historian: Ashlyn Herring and Connor DeWall

Sophomore Class 

President: Cricket Scott, Morgan Gross, and Rileigh Self

Vice President: Ainsley Abbitt and Alyssa Cirrincione

Secretary: Maddy Vinson

Social Media Director: Jocelyn Rivera, Caitlyn Holmes, and Jaelyn Windham

Historian: Kelsi Halpin