Art Class Creates Phenomenal Masks!

Look at the walls as you walk down the halls.  Masks from Morgan Flint’s 1st and 4th period art classes are on display throughout the building.  Flint had her students create the masks  because they are “very different and cool.”  The students researched different cultures to inspire the creation of the masks.  Flint added that in most art classrooms student make small individual masks.  She wanted to see what would happen if students worked to together to discover what impact changing the scale from small to large would have.


Mask Creators: Morgan Baier, Alyssa Cirrincione not pictured: Caitlyn Holmes, Bella Holmes . ‘ “We liked doing this project because it incorporates teamwork skills and fun art techniques.”


Andre Lassiter “Black is Beautiful”


Elise Jernigan, Amanda Bargeman, Max Schipula “We enjoyed this project because we could express our ideas into one cohesive form.”