TILT Studio- Bringing the 90s Back to Patrick Henry

Junior Kelly Ritenour plays a claw machine game at the new TILT Studio.

Ethan Matthews

Junior Kelly Ritenour plays a claw machine game at the new TILT Studio.

Ethan Matthews, Clubs and Activities Editor

There are high pitched whirs and dings from arcade machines, harsh buzzers and loud pangs of air hockey, flashing lights and excited screams coming from everyone in the room.

TILT Studio combines the classic retro feel of an arcade with modern games and new technology. Along with some featured classic arcade games, like claw machines and stacker, are some not-so-classic additions, such as bowling, laser tag, and bumper cars.

Similar to Dave and Buster’s, TILT uses a reloadable card instead of tokens or quarters. Although efficient for both the company and the customer, using a card takes away the classic 90’s arcade aesthetic of using tokens.

Junior Kelly Ritenour, who visited the arcade soon after it opened, said, “I think it’s a really well done, modernized version of an arcade. It’s got a really classic look with a lot of modern games and technology, and I like the use of cards instead of coins or money. I also think it’s very conveniently located, and I like that it’s near the food court and an entrance [to the mall].”

“It’s very interactive and fresh,” said Sophomore Sage Gerrick.  “The way it’s set up in the mall brings a new flavor to the area, in a way. My favorite thing was the zombie game my friend and I played, but my least favorite thing was how expensive it is.”

TILT Studio is a great addition to the mall, and the arcade will give it some much-needed business. The use of reloadable cards is more expensive, but it is a good and efficient system for the modern customer. The extremely bright, flashing colors and lights all over the place can be annoying and may be a strain on some people’s eyes, so those planning to go should be warned. Despite its faults, the new arcade at Patrick Henry is helping to reinvigorate the mall to appeal to the modern teen.