In Loving Memory of Coach Ben Moore

Funeral Information: Thursday, December 14 Viewing at Peninsula Funeral Home from 2 to 7 ; Friday, December 15 Funeral at 11 a.m. at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton, VA. with burial at Peninsula Memorial Park on Warwick Blvd.


Kelly Ritenour

Security guard Jeanette Walker signs a poster to honor Coach Moore.


This week, Menchville lost their much beloved basketball coach, Ben Moore.  Moore was not only a coach, but also a mentor and father figure to many. Moore came to Menchville in 2014 as the head basketball coach and later joined the PE department as a gym and health teacher.

Moore brought his loving and caring attitude to Menchville as well as 24 years of coaching experience from Warwick High School.

In an email to staff Principal Bobby Surry said, “Coach Moore was bigger than life and his laugh, smile, sense of humor, pass for basketball, strong faith, great stories and devotion to our students and staff were all assets to Menchville.  His untimely passing will create a huge void in Monarch Country.”

The Menchville community is saddened by his loss and has spent the week rememberering him  on social media, through poster messages, letters and in reponses to Lion’s Roar staff.

“He meant a lot to me. He inspired me to keep on playing basketball. He was a kindhearted person.” -Saige Williams, Class of 2019

“He was like a father figure, he helped me with my skills in basketball, relationships and school work. I will value every moment we spent together.” -Amelia High, Class of 2021

“Coach Moore was like a father figure, he made learning fun. It was never a dull moment in his class. He gave real life scenarios to teach us about the real world. School will never be the same without seeing him in the halls. He will be truly missed.” -La’Kayla Godley Class of 2019

“Coach Moore might not have coached me, but he showed me along with many other kids how to stay happy after a long day. As kids walked to the bus each day, he’d stand by the big gym with a smile on his face and put a smile on their faces too.” -Isaac Hughes, Class of 2018

“On Friday, Coach Moore got really upset with my gym class for how they were acting while we were playing matball with Coach Smith’s class. He ended up sending us all to the weight room to cool off, and then eventually we came back to the small gym for instant activity like we always do at the end of gym class. After helping him put all the equipment up he pulled me aside and told me how much he appreciated my help and my calm demeanor in class and then he hugged me. He was always such a kind, loving person and always lectured us about respecting our parents and others because we never know what will happen to them, and now that he’s gone I truly appreciate the content of what he was talking to us about.” -Ethan Matthews, Class of 2020 

“He was a fun spirited guy. He played music every day to get us excited or to cheer us up. He hated seeing anything but a smile on my class’s, or anyone’s, faces.” -Samantha Caballero, Classof 2021

“He was that fatherly figure for all of us. He just wanted to see the best from everyone.” -Hunter Hooker, Class of 2019

“Coach Moore was a very important person to me because he always brightened up my day and made me feel better about myself. He would always give me a high five and wave whenever he saw me and praised me a lot during PE. He became someone very close and precious to me and I was devastated when I learned that he passed away over the weekend. Coach Moore is a person that I will never forget and I’ll always cherish him.” -Alyssa Gambert, Class of 2020

“”Coach Moore was not only a great teacher but a great mentor. He taught me many life lessons. No matter what he would always put everyone else before himself. It’s not a lot in life that you meet someone as caring and giving as him.” -Bobby Wharton, class of 2019

“Coach Moore was a very subtle and humble person. He was by far the best PE teacher I’ve ever had. He would always make jokes and was very nice to all of the students in my class. I will forever have his family in my prayers.” -Evan Latuch, Class of 2019

“He had that humor that could make anyone crack a smile. And, even though his voice was loud, he still managed to make people feel giddy and crack a smile.” -Kynlee Johnson, Class of 2021

“He was really nice and cared about people.” Dorianne Ras, Class of 2018

“I met Coach Moore last year and he was my teacher. The man was the kindest, most gentle, and funny person I’ve ever met. I miss him. He was someone I talked to when I had bad times and it really sucks that he is gone.” -Nathan Poplin, class of 2019




The Menchville Community is invited to share the thoughts about about Coach Moore here.

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