Michelle Banks Returns to Menchville

Assistant Principal encourages student to be serious about education

September 22, 2015

Michelle Banks has come back to Menchville ready to make her mark. She’s willing to provide the students of Menchville with not only mentorship but friendship. She understands the importance of education and looks out for people’s best interest. Ms. Banks serves as Menchville’s 2015-2016 API (assistant principal for instruction). She spent the 2014-2015 school year at Berkley Middle School in Williamsburg, but returned to her place in the MHS hierarchy this summer. “I’m so glad to be back at Menchville,” Ms. Banks explained.“Education has always been a major focus because it opens the doors for anything you want to do and it gives you opportunities that you wouldn’t normally have.”

The power of education has always been important to Ms. Banks. She began her career as a French teacher at Woodside High School but felt she could make a greater impact as an administrator. “I felt like I could reach more students going the administrative route”, said Ms. Banks. From a French teacher, to an API, finally resting her spot as Assistant Principal Ms. Banks. Her greatest motive was seeing her own father’s success arise from the power of education. “My father would tell me how when he was growing up people weren’t allowed to go to certain schools and do certain things because of your race. So he ended up going into the military so he could pursue getting an education.”

Ms. Banks  experience  as a mother (she has two children of her own)  makes this job that much more personal. She recognizes the main ingredient in enforcing orderly conduct is fairness: “Treat students like you’d treat your own children.”

Coming from a military family, Ms. Banks understands the importance of diversity and the backgrounds of each individual at this school. “I expect a lot from everybody so I treat students the same as how I would treat my own kids. I realize that people come from different backgrounds and different home lives, with that being said I try to understand students first and see how I can best motivate them to reach their greatest potential.”

The students and faculty of Menchville are lucky to have someone as committed and motivated as Ms. Banks. Fairness and understanding are important in any relationship, and Ms. Banks caring demeanor excels in those two key factors. Welcome back Ms. Banks!

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