Top 20 Most Misspelled Words

March 4, 2015

Dedicated to all of our little spelling mistakes that just happened to turn into habits, here are the top 20 words you may have trouble spelling.




Atheist-“I comes before E except after C”. The rule drilled into our brains but often gets us in trouble with the five billion exceptions that come with this saying.


Convenience-Typing this, looking at it for 10 minutes, and searching the spelling on Google is such an inconvenience.

Cinnamon-If she’s your cinnamon apple you better tell her right, because you’re most likely not.

College-“I got accepted into the best collage”. Congrats.

Conscience-The opposite of Proscience


Dysfunctional-Totally thought this was spelt with an “i”

Definitely-This is the joker of all commonly misspelled words. Definately, Definitly, Defenatley!


Exercise-You want to lose some weight and bring down your size so why not Excer”size”.

Embarrass-Double R’s, Double S’s, Double trouble.


Lasagna-What’s for dinner? Lol Pasta


Misspell-Ms. Spell

Miscellaneous-Yeah, we’ll just stick with abbreviations

Massachusetts-It only seems like spelling a state names correctly is important when you live there.


Necessary-It’s just too many “S” sounds. I cant.


Occasion-How is there two C’s, it’s O-Casion,


Plagiarize-If you can’t spell it, don’t do it.


They’re, There, Their-This should be lesson one when it comes to English class


Weather and Whether-And this should be lesson two.



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