Menchville’s Winter Orchestra and Chorus Concert

“All the Right Notes in All the Right Places”


Carlie Stewart

(Photo from Menchville’s 2017 Winter Concert) The Menchville Orchestra and Symphonic Band will join forces to perform a night of spooky music.

Carlie Stewart, Staff Writer

It isn’t the Christmas season at Menchville until their award winning choir and orchestra – led by Ms. Jennifer Jarrett and Ms. Anna Moyer- assembles to perform their annual winter choral concert, serenading the audience by performing iconic holiday songs such as The Biggest Brightest Holiday Lights, Up on the Housetop, and Hallelujah. The music could be heard throughout Menchville’s walls, along with the cheer given out by supportive families and friends of the choir. Hearing the powerful strings and voices really helped everyone get into the holiday spirit.

Menchville’s Fermata Nowhere opened up the night by singing the slow and melodious Star of Light and the peppy and cheerful The Biggest Brightest Holiday Lights. The very talented group of male singers really set the mood for the holiday season.

Bella Voce then sang the holiday classics Marshmallow World and Once upon a December. The combination of all of their voices really captivated the audience as it was sung with great beauty and strength.

Afterwards, the voices of Menchville’s women’s ensemble joined to sing S’vivon, There’s still my Joy, and Mrs. Claus. The songs left a lasting impression on the audience. When asked what her favorite part of the concert was, Ada Moses, a freshman singer in the Bella voce, said, “It would have to be the women’s ensemble because they are really talented and I aspire to be a part of it when I am in the 10th grade.”

After intermission, the orchestra gathered onstage to perform Bylina, Polar Express, and a crowd favorite, Christmas Eve/Sarajevo. The audience loved every song as they were on their feet at the end of the set. The diverse choice of songs was perfect for all age groups.

Menchville’s orchestra and concert choir joined forces to perform the 4 parts of Sunrise Mass – The Spheres, Sunrise, The City, and Identity and the Ground. The voices and strings blended really well together. These song choices helped show off the vocalists’ and musicians’ talents.

To end the night, Menchville’s orchestra and choir were joined on the auditorium stage by alumni scattered throughout the crowd. Together, they sang Handel’s version of Hallelujah. The cool chill of the season was no match for the talented musicians’ warmth.