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Emily Moliken, Editor-in-chief

    Hello again, readers, and welcome to the another year of The Lion’s Roar. The school year has finally begun; we’re accustomed to our classes, the weather isn’t bone-chilling yet, and it isn’t time to start freaking out about AP exams (also yet). It’s the perfect time to curl up, drink anything pumpkin spice flavored, and read all about what’s going on here at Menchville and other fun things.

      The new school year is a time to reinvent; it’s a time to come in with a new look, a new style, to impress the people you haven’t seen for three plus months. You may have cut your hair and bought new jeans, and despite your fading tan, you’re doing all right. The Lion’s Roar has undergone this same back to school style transformation. We’ve traded in grayscale for gloss, headlines for hyperlinks, and broadsheets for beauty.

     Over the summer we’ve turned a newspaper into both a stunningly artistic magazine and an up-to-date, streamlined website. In our quarterly magazines, you’ll find beautiful artwork, in-depth editorials, cutting edge photography, and good old fashioned Monarch Pride. In between publications –because we know you’ll be dying for more- our website will be constantly updated with interesting articles, photographs, sports scores, and more.

      The decision to move from a traditional newspaper to a magazine and website was organic. It just felt right. To bring to you what we wanted to give you, which is a publication both fascinating and visually pleasing, we’ve made this switch. We’re printing on glossy pages, including more photographs, and allowing for writing to just flow off the pages to you.

       Have a great year, Monarchs.