February – What Do You Love?

February - What Do You Love?

Laura Madler, Staff Writer

With February being the month of love, here is what the Lion’s Roar staff hold close to their hearts.

Editor in Chief, Kylee Baines: “Coffee and John Mayer”

Online Editor, Ashley Weiss: “I love to dye my hair.”

Arts and Entertainment Editor, Mindy Nguyen: “I love my dogs.”

Lead Photographer, McKenzie Goodwin: “Probably family, friends, and music.”

Staff Writer, A’naja Ratkowski: “I love making money.”

Staff Writer, Ashlee Mclellan: “Shopping”

Staff Writer, Kaitlyn Helsel: “I love my friends, my family, my school, and God.”

Staff Writer, Rachel Smith: “Books- is there a reason not to love them?”

Staff Writer, Dalijah Robinson: “My family”

Staff Writer, Emma Janney: “I love puns and making people smile.”

Staff Writer, Laura Madler: “I love books and sweaters.”