When Wind Attacks


Kaitlyn Helsel, Staff Writer

Flight 19, USS Cyclops, flight DC-3, and many more strange disappearances have all been linked to the same place. Located between the southern tip of Florida, Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda is what many people call the Bermuda Triangle. For centuries, strange disappearances have occurred here that has left many people wondering “Why”? Now, meteorologists believe they have finally found the answer.

Scientist found sonar images of clouds that form hexagonal shapes over the Bermuda triangle. Through these air pockets are essentially “air bombs”, and they form bursts of wind that can reach up to 170 mph. This force is acclaimed to be strong enough to knock airplanes out of the sky and also strong enough to create massive waves when in contact with the ocean.

Could these “air bombs” be responsible for the missing planes and ships? Some argue that this weather phenomenon is not uncommon and happens in other parts of the world, where ships and planes can still travel. If this is true, then why have so many disappearances occurred in the Bermuda triangle? Is there another explanation as to why these crafts have gone missing? Or will people settle for the explanation of high and powerful winds that are strong enough to sink ships, and blow down planes?