Bienvenue, Welkom, Velkommen, Welcome Foreign Exchange Students!

A'naja Ratkowski, Staff Writer

This year Menchville is hosting three foreign exchange students. Lou-Anne Morel is a junior from France. Daphne Weskra is a senior from the Netherlands and Tuva Odberg, also a senior, is from Norway.

How do you like Amercia?

Lou-Anne: I loves it and it is very different from my country and how the people are.

Daphne:  It is very overwhelming and big here and the people are very kind.

Tuva: I really like it and everyone is so friendly and  the food is great.


What do you miss about your home?

Lou-Anne: I miss my friends and my family and don’t miss anything yet, maybe in a while I will miss them.

Daphne: I miss my family and friends. That its smaller there and everyone knows each other rather than in America where its big. I do not miss her family just yet but maybe in a few moths she will.

Tuva: I miss the nature and how it snowed in Norway. She does not miss her family quit yet but she misses her dog the most.


How was the transition from your country to America?

Lou-Anne:  It is completely different and the school is much bigger and the schedule is different the students have a lot of school spirit. That there are teams and club activities. Also the teachers are a lot of fun.

Daphne: The school is a lot bigger and it’s overwhelming

Tuva: The culture is really different and the people dress up more and the people aren’t has friendly in Norway.


Are the classes harder here or in your country?

Lou-Anne: That in France the classes are much harder.

Daphne: That in the Netherlands school is much harder but English is hard for me to understand.

Tuva: The classes are much harder in Norway rather than America.


What have you done so far here in America?

Lou-Anne: I seen a Zac Brown concert and tried many new foods like Mexican foods and even Ihop.

Daphne: Been to New York, and gone to a Zac Brown concert, I play volleyball and went to football. I tried Chick-fil-a.

Tuva: Been to Busch Gardens three times and tried new food places such as Taco Bell and Chick-fil-a and KFC and been to the beach .


Do you like your host family?

Lou-Anne: I love my host family and they are very nice and used to having exchange students.

Daphne: I love my host family.

Tuva: I really do, they are a nice family and lucky to have them and have three host sisters my age.