Talent Showcased in Menchville Spring Choir Concert

Rose Rizzi, Staff Writer

On May 26th, Menchville choral department put on their spring concert. From beginning to end, it showcased the talent of not only the students at Menchville, but also the extreme talent of the director Mrs. Jennifer Jarrett. Women’s ensemble, a beginning level chorus, performed four selections that showcased just how much the group has grown vocally since the beginning of the year. These included “Sister Act” and “Let Me In” which allowed the audience to hear the blend of so many voices in harmony with one another. Next, Take 5, Menchville’s jazz choir, performed four more selections including “Kansas City” and “S-W-I-N-G!” bringing the swing and rhythm to the stage like no other. Subsequently, Subito, the premier stand still choir, took to the stage and sang “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, “Homeward Bound”, “Zigeunerleben”, and “Road Home”. These selections demonstrated the versatility of the group, singing anything from pop to classical style to chamber a Capella style to German music. (M)Pulse then joined Subito as they combined to sing “Bound for the Promised Land”, “Where Your Barefoot Walks”, and “Invictus”. These also showed the diverse portfolio of the group and the skill of the students in the program. Next, all the choirs joined the stage and together sang “Why We Sing”, showing the power of music in the lives of the students performing. The senior slideshow played, showing baby pictures next to senior pictures of all the graduating students in the program. Following the slideshow, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was performed where every senior that didn’t have a solo somewhere else in the show was given a solo to sing. Lastly, the senior song, “I Was Here” was sung by all the choirs. As tears were shed, seniors were awarded with their own copies of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” signed by all the underclassmen in the department. The performances would not have been possible without the accompaniment by Mr. Gordon Parr and Miss Leah Parr as well as the last-minute agreement by Ms. Ana Moyer to play cello for “Invictus”.