How Can You Not Love Emojis?

Mindy Nguyen, Staff Writer

Emojis have become very popular.  A lot of teens use them today and some of them haven’t used them because they don’t know what they are or even heard about them. Some teens use emoji because when they are texting it makes it fun. Without emojis texting would be plain and boring. Emojis are cute little cartoon images, like hearts, smiley faces, and food.  There are so many others of emojis but those are the main ones that teens use when they are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

My favorite emoji is the laughing face because most of the time when my friends text me really funny messages I use the laughing emoji every time.  “Emojis just seem to make texting more fun and allows emotion to be communicated without words and my favorite emoji is also the laughing one,” said Kylee Baines. Emoji makes texting faster for example, if I am eating something I can just send a emoji instead of spelling out the word. “When I use emoji I don’t say a lot; I use them because it’s a faster way to text,” said Trezure Reaves.

When words aren’t enough  teens use emojis to show the person how they really feel. “I like emojis because it helps me express my feelings better”, said Amani Madyum.

Shigetaka Kurita of Japan began designing what would become the first emjois in 1999. Emjois make text “come alive.”

If teen haven’t heard about emjois I think they should try using them because in my opinion I love emojis and without them texting wouldn’t be the same. There are more than twenty emojis which makes it more creative because you can always use a different one. Emojis aren’t just on phones, they are on clothing, stickers, and pillows. I find it interesting how emjois are so popular because you can use them everywhere not just on your phone.