Better Words for a Better Environment


Amani Madyun, Staff Writer

Better Words for a Better Environment

Menchville API Joe Edwards would like to change the way students greet each other in the hallways. For example, students walk in the hallways and if they see someone they know, they’ll greet them by saying “My n**** or Hey b****”. Theses inappropriate words are not words of endearment and will never be words of endearment. If you think about it there was a time when these words were showed disrespect and reflected on what type of person you were.

So Mr. Edwards came up with a “my brother and my sister” campaign. Basically instead of using the bad words we will replace them with my brother or my sister. Mr. Edwards states that,” We are all like brothers and sisters and we should be helping each other be the best we can be not putting each other down”.  We as young adults should all consider if these words are appropriate in school and outside of school. Better words can always make a better environment.

As young adults should really think about how we are viewed when we use these inappropriate words.   They make you look bad as a person and may affect your future as well, if someone who may impact your future hears you use them.

Mr. Edwards says that many students have already started using “my brother and my sister” when greeting each other and that’s a big improvement because it shows that people are starting to respect not only others but themselves as well. By doing this no one will be offended nor disrespected by one another. If you change the scenario by going into a public setting and using the words my brother and my sister the outcome will be a lot better. So that’s why we should replace those words with words that do not make you look bad in a public setting. Better words will always make a better environment.