Orchestra holds Halloween Concert

Maggie Rosenbaum, Correspondent

On October 29, 2019, the Gildersleeve and Menchville orchestras came together to provide a magical night of Halloween themed music.  Gildersleeve, directed by the exuberant Anna Moyer, started with a composition called “Gargoyles”- a mysterious piece that set a cryptic tone for the rest of the night. The next was an impressive iteration of a few songs from the Harry Potter series, including “Hedwig’s Theme” and “Harry’s Wonderous World.” They finished with a piece called “Attack of the Walking Basses.”

Next up was the Menchville orchestra, also directed by Moyer. They played three spooky songs: the first was a bouncy tune called “Zombie Tango” which portrayed a zombie love story.  The next was “Midnight at the Mausoleum.”  featuring a beautiful violin part. The last selection was an eerie rendition of “Waltz of the Wicked” by Kirt N. Mosier.

Finally, the Menchville Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band led by band director Deborah Savary and Moyer performed “Night on Bald Mountain.” It was a slightly longer but enthralling piece from Walt Disney’s Fantasia. Moyer played the flute, which was a sensational addition to the piece. The spooky night was thoroughly enjoyable due to a group of immensely talented students and directors whose music went from calm and tranquil to intense and breathtaking.  If you missed this chilling performance, the orchestra’s winter concert will be December 19th.