Peculiar Holiday Binges

Kelly Ritenour, Clubs and Activities Editor

Everyone is familiar with the classic Christmas specials that have become a staple in television history. From Frosty, to Charlie Brown, to Rudolph, these distinguished childhood figures are known to everyone- unless you grew up under a snow pile. However, not everyone’s yearly Christmas binge consists of just the classics. Everyone might be able to recognize Rudolph’s red nose, but can you recognize these obscure Christmas adventures that are all-time sentimental must-sees to Menchville students?

  • The Mistle-Tones 
Courtesy of Freeform
This iconic Christmas musical follows Holly her and her friends as they compete against the Snow Belles for a chance to perform in the Deck The Malls Christmas spectacular.











Personally, this film started out as a  guilty pleasure, but soon became a Christmas tradition in my family. I went from, ‘Oh yeah, that movie is so lame, but I guess I’ll watch it,” to wholeheartedly disregarding my shame and embracing this cheesy fun-filled musical with all the enthusiasm of waking up on Christmas morning. For me, it isn’t Christmas until my sister and I have watched the Mistle-Tones at least five times.

  • Love Actually 


Courtesy of The Daily Beast
Set around Christmas, nine different stories of individuals and their love lives overlap to bring about a rom-com for the ages.


“The cast is just full of these iconic British actors that I grew up watching in everything, and the movie is this whole ensemble story thats unapologetically cheesy at points, but still really Christmas-y and fun to watch,” says junior Laura Madler. “It’s better than a Hallmark movie, plus there’s a nativity with lobsters.”

  • Diehard
Courtesy of Rio Theatre
New York city cop John McClain joins his wife and children for a holiday Christmas party at his wife’s work- but things don’t go so jolly when terrorists invade and take over the building. McCain soon realizes that it is up to him to save the day.

“Diehard is the best Christmas movie, in my opinion,” proclaims sophomore Sarah Clark. “It takes place on Christmas Day. I got into it because my dad showed it to me a couple Christmases ago and I’ve been watching it every year since. I love it because it’s one of those movies that me and my dad can bond over and enjoy every Christmas, since it’s unique to us.”

  • The Family Man 
Courtesy of Quote to Remember
Well off buisnessman Jack Campbell has a life changing experience when he wakes up in an alternate timeline where he married his college sweetheart. Now, he has to choose between his lavish, no-strings lifestyle, or a family with the girl of his dreams.

“My dad showed it to me and I loved it,” says senior Leonela Cabral. “It takes place during Christmastime, which makes it more heartfelt. It’s [the Christmas season is] about spending time with family, and that’s what he does when he gets swapped. It shows in the story that not everything is about success. You can still be happy in a small house just with your loved ones.”

  • Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol 
Courtesy of Jule Style
Mr. Magoo takes on a Scrooge-like attitude toward Christmas in this beloved cartoon adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”.

“It follows the traditional story of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, wherein Scrooge is visited by Marley and the ghosts of Christmas, but it has Mr. Magoo, the little cartoon man,” explains senior Noah Tench. “My dad showed it to me when I was really young, and it’s always been one of my favorites. It means a lot to me because it’s one of the few super positive memories I have before my mom got sick when I was a kid- and because over the years, Scrooge-Magoo was a somewhat relatable character, and one that’s truly universal. He had a rough childhood and turned to material goods, and it took one special Christmas to change it all for him, and with family/loved ones, every Christmas is that special.”

  • While You Were Sleeping 
Courtesy of
Lucy, a lonely and hopelessly romantic Chicago Transit Authority rescues a man who falls onto the train tracks. While in a coma at the hospital, his family mistakes her for his fiancé. Lucy can’t find the heart to tell them the truth, so she must play the part to help get the family through their hardship over the holidays.

“10/10 rom-com and it has Sandra Bullock in it! What more could you ask for?” exclaims senior Hannah Dahl. “One Christmas we found the movie on Netflix and decided it was worth a shot – it ended up being one of the cutest and funniest movies I’ve seen since then. While You Were Sleeping means (to me) that my family is home, it’s cold outside, and I have no homework! Woot woot!”

  • The Dog Who Saved Christmas 
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After being punished to the pound for accidentally sabotaging an arrest, ex police dog Zeus is adopted by a kind and loving family. However, when the family goes away for Christmas, a team of burglars break in. It’s up to Zeus to save the day and defend his new home.


“Every other year I go to Texas to spend Christmas with my family. My aunt gave my sister the DVD as a Christmas gift and we watched it as a family,” says Freshman Julia Acker.