October- Voting


Laura Madler

The Lion’s Roar staff discusses voting and civic responsibility as the midterm elections approach.

Beth Ellis, Staff Writer

Midterm election day is approaching fast, and many high schoolers are faced with the realization that they will soon have the ability to vote. At this time, students should consider the option of voting, and whether or not they will participate in the future.

Editor-in-Chief, Laura Madler: “I’m not 18, so I cannot vote, but when I do turn 18 I will be registering. I think that it’s important for the younger generation, because we are a little outnumbered population-wise, to really make our voices heard in politics, and to make sure that going forward, political leaders are focused on issues that are important to us and to our future as we’re young people growing up.”

Clubs and Activities Editor, Kelly Ritenour: “I actually am registered to vote because I’m 18, and I’m very excited to be able to vote for my first time. I think that as an American with this right to vote, it’s very important that I use it. A lot of people believe that they can’t really make a change, but every little vote counts, and you really can make a change. I feel like that’s my duty and responsibility- to use what little power I have.”

Staff Writer, Alondra Rivera-Pena: “I feel like it’s a good thing that a lot of people our age are soon allowed to vote because I feel like we have different views than older people who can already vote. I plan on voting once I turn 18.”

Staff Writer, Leonela Cabral: “I haven’t put much thought into voting yet, but I feel like I have some power in choosing our nation’s decisions, or at least having some part in it. When I turn 18, I will vote, once I get more knowledge of what’s going on.”