Menchville Welcomes Three New Clubs


Jay Mendez

The Acts of Kindness club focuses on volunteering and working for the good of the community.

Kelly Ritenour, Clubs and Avtivities Editor

The Activities Fair on September 28th showcased many opportunities for Menchville students. From archery to theater, to robotics, there were many familiar clubs to choose from. In addition, some new clubs have formed and are looking to become prominent placements in the Menchville community.

National History Day Club

Jennifer Gosselin, a geography teacher, is new to Menchville’s history department and has brought with her some great ideas. With co-sponsor Danielle Powell, she has started the National History Day club.

“Students who like history and want to research history get to do a project [in this club]. It could be a website, it could be a paper, exhibit, performance- there’s several different choices. Basically, every year there’s a theme, and you have to pick a topic around the theme and do research, and then you take it to a district competition,” says Gosselin. “Students can practice their history research skills like what’s a good source, what’s not a good source, and how to really write about history.”

Gosselin explains that if students win in the district competition, they get to compete at the state level in Richmond, and then possibly move on to the national competition in Maryland.

This year’s theme is Tragedy and Triumph. Gosselin states that she will have her second interest meeting in the near future.

Acts of Kindness Club

With sponsor Margaret Thompson, junior Sharon Namkung has founded the Acts of Kindness Club. Namkung wanted to form the Acts of Kindness Club to promote love and tolerance, and to get Menchville students involved in service projects. “The Acts of Kindness Club is about giving back to the community and helping people who need our help. We show our school pride through the good we do,” explains Namkung.

Namkung feels as if Menchville has not taken a very active role in serving the community in previous years, and she wants that to change. She hopes her club will promote charity work and positive role models, stating “High school isn’t only about studying and having fun. You learn stuff from high school and you mature, and as you mature, you learn from other people by looking toward them and helping others.”

The Kindness Club plans to assist at local nursing homes and work with BC Charles students on fun projects around the holidays.


Another new club coming to Menchville this year is Flourish. Senior and student leader Brianna Powell has been working towards launching Flourish for the past three years. Flourish is an all-girls club focused on building strong female leaders and promoting self-love and positivity. Flourish is the high school branch of Bloom, a similar organization that began in September 2017 at Gildersleeve Middle School with the same goals. The club is sponsored by Adriane Graham.

“We are taking high school girls today and making them global leaders for the next generation,” explains Powell. “I think it’s important for girls to understand that they have value beyond what society sees. I think that society sees us one way and that, as women, we can aspire to do great things even when the world tells us ‘no,'” emphasizes Powell. “I think it’s important for high school girls, and especially middle school girls.”

Flourish will be hosting a regional rally on November 9th and 10th, as well as working on career preparation and participating in many community outreach programs.