Spirit Week

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Have you seen that funny post on twitter? Or that hilarious video on Instagram? Many of us have and Monday is our day to dress up as it. Introducing spirit week, the first day is meme day on Monday, October 8th. Monday is the day to dress up as Kermit the frog sipping his tea, Gavin from vine, or balled-fist Arthur.

Saal, Marco
Kermit the frog

The second day of spirit week is required to be celebrated with your squad because its squad day! On Tuesday, October 9th, round up your squad and dress up as the Power Rangers, Carebears, or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Power Rangers


In regards to the PSATs taking place on Wednesday, October 10th, grab your favorite college t-shirt and represent for college day. Show your college readiness!

CNU shirt

Zooming over to Thursday, October 11th, grab your gamer gear and prepare for virtual reality day. This day is the day to dress up as your favorite video games such as Pacman, and the characters of Mario Kart.

Mario kart

Last but not least, the final day of spirit week is spirit day. Show your true spirit for your graduating class. All freshmen wear white, Sophomores wear black, Juniors wear gold/yellow, and Seniors flaunt in purple.


Spirit week is the week, students of Menchville have their freedom to show their creativity and spirit for their school and graduating classes. So come on out and participate!



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