Chief Rambali Wins Teacher of the Year


Ethan Matthews

Chief Rambali looks at a yearbook with Senior Jeremiah Gaulding

Chief Christopher Rambali from Menchville High School is this year’s Teacher of the Year recipient for all of Newport News School District. He was first selected by his colleague at Menchville as the school’s teacher of the year before being selected as the district teacher of the year. Because of his district win, he is eligible to win Teach of the Year for the state of Virginia. He was nominated by his co workers, who felt he deserved the honor: Principal Bobby Surry said, “He is a teacher who exhibits such outstanding mannerisms and he has such a dedication to his students. He wants every student to succeed, not just the ones in his classes but every student in the school as well.  He will represent Menchville well but also he is a tremendous asset to the school division. He tells stories from his past that I think his students can relate to. Having the ability to help students relate to what you’re trying to teach and being able to give examples, is certainly key to someone being a phenomenal teacher. He certainly has all those characteristics.”

Rambali says he found out he was Menchville’s Teacher of the Year when Mr. Surry congratulated him during the morning announcements. He was named the District Teacher of the Year at an award banquet on May 8th. This is Chief Rambali’s first time receiving this award.

“I am honored and humbled at the same time,” says Rambali. “I know almost all the teachers that work at this school, and they’re all fantastic teachers. I don’t look at me being named ‘Teacher of the Year’ as winning anything, but as more a representation. I’m a teacher representative of Menchville High School. I don’t think I’m any more or less better than any teacher in this school, I just think I represent us.

Cadet Charlie Ippolito says, “Chief has been my greatest role model and has trained Menchville cadets to be responsible citizens of character. His awesome stories and great sense of humor during class time and community service events never fail to make cadets smile.” 

Chief Rambali wants to thank his peers who nominated him: “Peer recognition is always the best recognition. I enjoy teaching my students, I enjoy being at Menchville, and I enjoy being part of the faculty. Much like my time in the military, it’s like being a part of a family.”