Menchville Drama Department Presents: SCENEchronize

The Menchville drama department flyer advertising their upcoming event.

Ethan Matthews

The Menchville drama department flyer advertising their upcoming event.

Kelly Ritenour, Clubs and Activities Editor

On March 9th and 10th, the Menchville drama department will be presenting their newest event SCENEchronize: thirty skits in sixty minutes. The twist- the timing and order of the skits are completely random and up to the audience. There will be a line of numbers going across the stage, and the audience will shout out a number, which coordinates with a particular skit.

“We are excited to showcase the actors and actresses in the drama classes. I’ve had kids who’ve never done a show before. They’ve never had a chance to do a show before. Part of being in theater is not just doing stuff in front of a class, it’s doing stuff in front of an audience,” says Courtney Rice, the drama teacher and director of SCENEchronize. “We’re trying to give kids the experience of performing for the first time.”

All of the funds raised by SCENEchronize will go to covering the costs of the spring musical, Once Upon A Mattress. Over the snow days, the drama department experienced an unfortunate setback when a burst pipe flooded the dressing room. Many props and costumes were damaged, especially ones for the upcoming musical. Along with the sets of skits, the drama department will also be hosting a silent auction to raise funds.

Tickets for SCENEchronize are $5 at the door, and the show starts at 7. Come and hang out to enjoy an hour of interactive comedic fun!